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boost: a solution (mini)

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refreshing shower of healing minerals to instantly soothe stressed skin, diminish inflammation, redness, and rosacea leaving a radiant, dewy glow. make it your go-to miracle spray throughout the day, every day. instantly hydrates and soothes. protects against daily assault from environmental stressors. immediate relief for inflamed, sunburned skin. ideal for stressed, damaged & aging skin.

blend with our calm gel for a fabulous at home micro-current device treatment!

pair with one of our remarkable anti-aging creams.

  • potassium - naturally moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  • arginine - helps to restore visible skin damage
  • magnesium - helps to protect skin from external damage, regulates cellular regeneration and repair
  • sodium PCA - humectant allows it to attract moisture to your skin
  • zinc acetate - protectant which has anti-histamine properties

spritz or apply after cleanser or throughout the day to soothe irritation and condition damaged skin. keep with you and treat yourself to a daily refresh as needed.

skin type /condition: all, especially stressed, sensitive and rosacea, dry, dehydrated

ingredient highlights

potassium, arginine, magnesium, sodium PCA, and zinc acetate


deionized water, polyol, glycine, calcium chloride, serine, potassium chloride, alanine, glucose, proline, arginine, magnesium chloride, lysine, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium acetate, threonine, glutamic acid, sodium PCA, sorbitol, sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, zinc acetate