detox: a mask

detox: a mask

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powerful, potent facial mask containing 10% sulfur, charcoal powder and kaolin to effectively absorb oils, impurities and toxins. results in clearer skin and reduced breakouts. unique formulation without the pungent smell typically associated with high concentrations of sulfur.

  • white charcoal powder absorbs impurities and oil from the skin
  • sulfur possesses natural antibacterial properties to help fight against breakouts
  • helps cleanse the pores and clarify the skin
  • kaolin, a naturally occurring clay, absorbs excess oils

clean the skin thoroughly before applying a thick layer. allow up to 15 minutes application. rinse thoroughly.

can also be used as a spot treatment. 

after cleansing apply a small, thick dot of mask over blemish. leave on overnight or throughout the day when home.

skin type/condition: acne, oily, combination

active ingredients: 10% sulfur, charcoal powder, kaolin